Cecile Monteyne

- Actor, Improviser, Producer -

You Don't Know the Half of It moves to Canada! Stay tuned here for the First TORONTO Show!

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You Don’t Know the Half of It has been serving up belly laughs since January of 2012. Here’s how it works: Four brand new scripts are commissioned and then split into halves. One half goes to one actor and the other half to another. The actors never see the whole scene. Then on the night of the show, each actor is paired with an improviser.

The only rules of the game are: 1) the actor always has the first line, and 2) the actor must remain loyal to the script no matter what the improviser conjures up. Throughout the course of this eight-scene evening, all four original scenes play out one side at a time. The outcomes are always outrageous. 

Every show features all local writers, actors and improvisers, from organizations all over New Orleans. What’s more, each interlude is filled with original satirical music from You Don’t Know the Band with members of Sweet Crude, Alexis & the Samurai, Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes and The Plus One show.

Over the course of its four-year history, this show has showcased more than 170 local artists: playwrights, actors, improvisers and musicians.  This comedic theatrical romp offers a one-of-a-kind experience every time and is not to be missed.

You Don't Know the Half of It is the creation of Poste Productions, LLC.

For show questions, please email knowthehalfofit@gmail.com.