Cecile Monteyne

- Actor, Improviser, Producer -

ONE NIGHT STAND OFF is a dramatic comedy that follows Natalie, a meteorologist coming off of a very public meltdown. Having lost her job as a weather correspondent, she attends one of New Orleans’ famed hurricane parties, attempting to let loose. There, she meets Dustin, an over-qualified pharmacy tech. Thinking Hurricane Cletus is going to miss, they head home together for what should be a simple one night stand. Much to her dismay, the next morning they awake to discover that all the weather reports were wrong, and Cletus is hitting New Orleans dead on. It's a one night stand gone long.

They learn quickly that relationships are like natural disasters: unpredictable.

One Night Stand Off is the creation of brother and sister team Jules and Cecile Monteyne.  It was filmed entirely in Louisiana with all local talent and crew. It is set to be released in the summer of 2016.

For information about One Night Stand Off, please email cdm@secretframes.com.